Supporting good vision with our high quality
We provide contact lenses that are safe and comfortable for everyone.
People's eyes are extremely important in their daily lives, with 80% of the information in the world being obtained through eyesight. Because contact lenses are worn directly in people's eyes, the first thing they must be, of course, is safe. Since the launch of our research into contact lenses in 1951, SEED has put safety first, developing a broad range of lenses to meet customer demand, and delivering peace of mind.These days, as contact lenses have become more and more accessible, so have people's needs become increasingly diverse.Through our own material development and production facilities, SEED provides a wide variety of lenses to meet these needs, such as SEED1dayPure moisture, daily disposable lenses manufactured in Japan;
SEED 2weekPure two-week replacement lenses; SEED 2weekPure Multistage bifocal lenses; SEED S-1 high oxygen permeability hard contact lenses, which are extremely water permeable due to graft polymerization technology; and contact lenses for astigmatism.As contact lenses are inserted into the eyes, users must be careful when handling them, and so SEED, as a responsible manufacturer,always provides customers with information on the correct use of our contact lenses.Our mission at SEED is to keep on developing and supplying safe,comfortable contact lenses for each and every individual customer to deliver peace of mind.